Have you heard about GourdMaster Ink Dyes? These fade resistant, streak-free, translucent alternatives to leather dye are now the most popular coloring agent on gourds!
Ink Dyes have the same semi-transparent quality as leather dye but will not fade or streak like leather dye AND are easier to work with! One ˝ oz bottle on Ink Dye will cover about 100 gourds of the 5” to 6” diameter size!
Ink Dyes are formulated to provide rich, vibrant colors that look great on your gourds. They go on smooth with no streaking or mess, and most colors can be quickly wiped off if you make a mistake! Plus they blend together beautifully.

(Pictured below, Mosaic tile gourd, using ink dyes)

Just look at these vibrant colors GOURDMASTER INK DYES produce using just 1 application and finishing it with GourdMaster Satin finish Varnish. For a more glossy finish just use more coats of the varnish. Gourd by Jackie
Other inks are now appearing in the gourd market but are not the same! GourdMaster Products has created a formula specifically for use with gourds to give you long-lasting color and superior performance.
If quality, professional-grade art products are important to you, you will love working with the GourdMaster
line! Not only are GourdMaster Ink Dyes designed specifically for use with gourds, they are also designed to be combined with the entire line of GourdMaster Products without color changes.

Use the specially designed Ink Dye Applicator Cube and avoid wasting your Ink Dye on rags, which only soak up your product and dry out! With the Ink Dye Applicator Cube, you can apply as much ink Dye as needed, then seal and store it for later use! No wasting your Ink Dye!
The Applicator Cube is designed to be used with the Ink Dyes and allows you to apply your color smoothly with no dripping or running. The Applicator uses a fine, soft surface that will not scratch or create streaks on your gourd.

GourdMaster Ink Dye Colors

GourdMaster Ink Dyes now come in 3 money-saving “Value Packs” Choose from the “Basic Pack” the “Cool Pack” or the “Warm Pack” Or save even more with our “Pro Pack, which includes all 30 Ink Dye colors plus applicators and instructional DVD in one convenient pack!

Get the 10-Color Value Pack and Save!

Each pack includes ten ˝-oz bottles, 10 Applicator Cubes, and, written instructions. Choose from Basic Colors Pack, Cool Colors Pack, or Warm Colors Pack.

(see color chart above for list of colors in sets.)




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